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Problemi za fotorepotere u New Yorku..
[08. 05. 2012.]

Black Bloc Occupiers Turn Violent Against Photographers

To our enemies (photographers): if we won’t hesitate to directly confront hundreds of cops and to destroy property, what makes you think we hold the lens of your camera to be sacred? You want to preserve your four thousand dollar camera to watch us break everything else? We are not doing this for you, and this is not a game. You clearly do not understand that there is no exception. We feel nothing but contempt for you cowardly spectators.

You’d better watch your necks next time.


the “did you know that a photographer’s camera could pay your rent?” collective

[08. 05. 2012.]


[08. 05. 2012.]

You exist because workers that you don't see toil the fields, extract raw materials from the earth, transport goods, provide services that directly assist in you being. Just like you choose not to see the struggles so does the photographer choose what to place and exclude from the frame. A photograph doesn't tell the truth or make people lives a reality. People live and struggle every day and don't appear in photographs.

[08. 05. 2012.]

I would beat your ass with my camera if I thought it was gonna get broke....might as well break your face with it...oh ya I have a tripod too ,I jam that up your azz

[08. 05. 2012.]

hahahahah :-))) lopovi upozorenje:

Did you know that you could pay your rent if you get a job? And I feel nothing but apathy for your pointless protest.

If you steal my camera, you run the risk getting arrested, then run the risk of prison rape, losing all your friends and family, you may get aids, or any other disease, that will lead to extremely high hospital bills you will end up needing to pay just to stay alive, you then will not be able to pay your rent and end up on the street, where you will turn to what you have been trying to do the whole time which to steal from others all because you thought that my camera could pay your rent.Signed"my camera could pay for your rent, but if you steal it, you may get raped in prison" collective

[08. 05. 2012.]

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